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  Do you have or know of a rink or arena that you think should be listed in the Open Ice Times directory?  Please send an email to
submit@openicetimes.com.  If you are a coach / trainer and offer lessons, please email coach@openicetimes.com.  If you are a skate shop and want listed in our directory, email us at outfitter@openicetimes.com.  We want to grow this directory.  Thank you for your help. 

Open Ice Times provide ice skaters with a place to skate, train, or just have fun on the ice.  From hockey to figure skating to taking lessons on the ice, we hope you will find a ice area or outdoor rink near you. Select a state and then a city where you what to skate. Contact information for the ice arenas in the city are provided. When we are aware of trainers or coaches in the area, we prove that listing as well.  Put your skates on and enjoy the ice.

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